Collab: Miljøfestivalen in Moss, Norway
Mission: Identity Design
Posters and Concept: Sandra Olsen
Logo and Interview Kids: Martine Hovind
Research and Color: Kine Eike Karlsen
Research: Anna Johansson

Brand Identity

Miljøfestivalen is a real festival in Moss, Norway. The festival goals and values is to make Norway more sustainable for the future, «greener together». The concept idea came when I visited the festival in the summer of 2021, and is based on all the weird things kids says. All the quotes are real, from interviewing kids in the process. All the drawings are made by children during the festival. The concept can be used in several countries and cities, to show it to the customer, we used different dialects on the quotes.


Posters became important for the concept to promote the festival before, under and after the event, and to show the quotes in a good way. To promote before is a good marketing technique to get people to remember the festival and anchor the festival before the event. We wanted the quotes to be friendly and not moralizing.