Costumer: Hamar Kommune
Agency: ANTI Hamar
Design: Sandra Olsen, Balder Dysthe, Vivi-Ann Slaatsveen
Promo concept: Sandra Olsen, Van C. Lam
Photographer: Bjørk Ellingsbø, Sandra Olsen, Jens E. Haugen
Animation: Magnus Vanem

This project was developed during my time in ANTI Hamar.

Promo concept

In connection with a major concert at Vikingskipet, ANTI Hamar has developed a visual identity and a campaign showcased before and during the concert. To grab the attention of the audience, we created a campaign targeting a young demographic. Inspired by the internet phenomenon «Dude with sign».

Inspired by the internet phenomenon «Dude with sign», where a man with a sign appears in unexpected places to share a message. We introduced our own Hamar guy and girl with signs, popping up unexpectedly before and during the concert, sparking engagement among the audience.

Closer Together

The goal of the campaign was to bring the audience closer during the concert, using the signs as a way to say hey. The campaign was shown before the concert to build anticipation as the event approached. «Closer together» is Hamar municipalitys communication concept, which was effectively conveyed in this campaign.